Adam Davies

Adam Davies

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The White Lab

The White Lab’s co-founder, Adam Davies, graduated from Manchester University in 1992. Now, having worked as a Registered Dental Technician in high-calibre in the UK and abroad, Adam has over 20 years of practical, technical and managerial experience.


This exposure to dental technology practices around the world has given Adam an invaluable, broad scope of expertise, but at the same, it also means he’s become equipped to offer a suite of highly technical specialties. 

Today, as the principal of his own lab, Adam is fortunate enough to work closely with a renowned private dentist. This firsthand experience of patients’ needs, and the active, interdisciplinary dialogue between the dental specialists makes for an unrivalled level of treatment and patient outcome.

In the pursuit of perfecting his craft, however, Adam still makes a conscious effort to keep abreast of innovative, leading edge technologies.  To continue his professional development and deliver world-class products to his clients, Adam regularly attends international seminars and workshops, presented by some of the world’s most respected Ceramists.  

And it’s not just Adam’s clients, who benefit from his discoveries, expertise and vision. The White Lab’s technical personnel enjoy the flow-on too, as Adam passes on his knowledge and uncompromising standards through rigorous training.

The perfect smile

After all your painstaking, subtle work to create detailed, sympathetic and accurate impressions of your patient’s teeth, it all distils down to that moment when your patient looks in the mirror and passes the verdict on how his or her teeth look and feel. 

If the process has gone according to plan, then you’ll be enjoying a true ‘wow’ moment from yet another happy customer. It’s all about relationships based on trust, and reputations built on consistently delivering excellent results.  

Your patients smile, so you smile, so we smile. Perfect.


Adam Davies - Aesthetic Dental Technician in Manchester